Victoria Beckham Cosmetic Queen
Posted by George on February 28th, 2006
Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham launching own cosmetics collection to further expand the Beckham’s bank account. Victoria’s line of cosmetic will be launch as part of a deal with cosmetics giant Coty. Husband David Beckham has already been selling his best-selling aftershave with Coty and Victoria is looking forward to creating her own fragrance later in the year. A source tells Daily Mirror:

It’s universally acknowledged that Victoria knows her stuff when it comes to fashion and beauty and she’s done work with cosmetics brands in the Far East for years.

People are always asking her how she manages to look so good despite being manically busy, so it makes sense for her to design her own range.

She’s getting involved in every stage. Coty bosses are already convinced the product will fly off the shelves and they’re impressed with her dedication.

In other Victoria news, shes apparently a very loyal Spice Girl:

‘m never going to sing again, unless it was a chance to do something with The Spice Girls. I don’t really miss the shows we did together. I miss the girls more.

[Daily Mirror and WENN]

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