Hugh Grant Attacks Paparazzi
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Posted by George on February 22nd, 2006
Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant lashed out on a paparazzi who would not stop taking pictures of him. According to New York Daily News, Grant was walking down Central Park South around 9:20 a.m. when the photographer started taking pictures:

Hugh Grant had his head down, looking at his cell phone, when this young guy started flashing his camera.

Grant responded by taking a picture of the paparazzo and hitting him up side the head with a manila folder. That’s right, a folder can be use as a weapon against the paparazzi.

The whole incident was witness by Ken Frydman, former Daily News spokesman, who try to defuse the tension:

I said to the photographer, ‘Leave him alone or he’s going to hit you again.’ I said to Hugh Grant, ‘Don’t hit him again, or he’s going to sue you.

I tried to mediate. I failed miserably.

The next time you see someone with a manila folder, you better watch out.

[NY Daily News]

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