Hollywood’s Underage Drinkers
Posted by George on February 21st, 2006

Jesse McCartney drinkingThe guys over at TMZ tells us what we all know already, there are lots of underage drinking going on in Hollywood. TMZ reports that Jesse McCartney a 18-year-old partaking in some 21 and over activity, you guess it, alcohol drinking.

I say where else would these young blooming stars get their drink on if they aren’t going to college. You know you were drinking before you were 21-years-old, yes I’m talking to you. It’s not like they’re using drugs, oh wait, maybe they are.

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1 Comment to “Hollywood’s Underage Drinkers”

  1. Posted by indianna on April 23, 2006 @ 6:45 am

    omgosh, he is setting such a bad example.

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