Madonna Asking for Help to Save Marriage
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Posted by George on February 18th, 2006

The rumors of Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie’s marriage being on the rocks has now reach Kabbalah rabbis. Apparently Madonna has gotten the help of Kabbalah rabbis to help her save her marriage. Sources have reported to Daily Mail that Madonna is under some stress from all the pressure with her marriage:

She has confided in teachers about her fears for the future of her marriage because it is under a huge amount of pressure. They have been discussing with her what she should do as being able to hold onto love and making marriage work is one of the things Kabbalism is supposed to help.

The source also went on to say Madonna doesn’t seem to be happy at all when she’s at the weekly Kabbalah meeting.

She has not been herself at all. She used to come to meetings every week on a Saturday and openly talk with other members. But recently she has only been interested in talking to the teachers and a small group known as the inner sanctum. She has been very quiet and seemed down in the dumps.

According to the source the rabbis have told Madonna to “wait until the April 12 Passover festival before making any decisions about her future.” So looks like we will hear the separation at or around April 12, 2006.

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