Hot Things: Dick Cheney Shot a Man
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Posted by George on February 13th, 2006
  • Kate Moss going to be made into five bronze sculptures by Marc Quinn. [Female First]
  • Michelle Kwan pulls out of the Olympics due to groin injury. Video of the announcement. [NY Times]
  • After helping Finland president Tarja Halonen get reelected, Conan O’Brien wants a position as inspector of women’s saunas. [AP]
  • Tony Danza soon to be out of a job because of cooking sensation Rachael Ray. [Page Six]
  • Vice President Dick Cheney shoots a fellow hunter, its being call an accidental shooting. [AFX News Limited]
  • Clay Aiken’s second album is being put on hold until his sex allegations with John Paulus blows over. Also his Claymates are contemplating filing a class action lawsuit against Aiken. [National Ledger]

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