Madonna Compare Herself To A Terrorist
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Posted by George on February 8th, 2006

The material girl Madonna has finally gone mad and declare that shes worst than a terrorist. Don’t worry people, Madonna’s not the typical terrorist that blows up things and cause chaos all over the world unless you ask Mariah Carey. Madonna joke that she is worst than a terrorist because there is negotiating with her.

She joked to Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “What’s the difference between a pop star and a terrorist? You can negotiate with a terrorist.”

Madonna also told the magazine she and husband Guy Richie often fight about how they spend their money on vacations:

He loves the sea and fishing and being on a boat, outdoors, nature stuff. “I’d rather go to India and check out all the temples or go to Bhutan. “We’ve had this discussion, and he’s got to start doing more of the holidays like I do.

[NY Post]

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