Dave Chappelle Talks To Oprah Winfrey
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Posted by George on February 3rd, 2006

Dave Chappelle & Oprah WinfreyComedian Dave Chappelle talks to Oprah Winfrey today about why he turned down $50 million and left his popular show. Chappelle address the future of his show the Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central:

Here’s a scenario that I could come back to the show—I can’t believe I’m saying this—but this is what I want to do,” he says. “I do want to do my show again provided, one, I can make the proper work environment. But more importantly, I want to give. … I don’t want the money. I don’t want the drama. I just want to do my show. I want to have fun again.

If you don’t know what channel Oprah’s on, its ABC at 4:00PM.


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