Halle Berry Finds All The Wrong Men
Posted by George on February 1st, 2006
Halle Berry
Halle Berry

Looks like Halle Berry found herself another loser user boyfriend. Sources are claiming Halle’s model boyfriend is a womaniser who is using her to get famous.

Versace model Gabriel Aubry – who has been spotted looking cosy with the Oscar-winning actress – allegedly spends time flirting with other women when Halle is out of town.

Last week, when the sexy actress was at a friend’s baby shower, the hunky 30-year-old is said to have “chased young women” all day.
A source told America’s New York Post newspaper: “He wants to be famous, and he will use Halle to get there.

“He has a place on the beach and he pretty much chases whatever is around.”

Halle needs all the help she can get to find Mr. Right, maybe she can get some help from Dr. Phil McGraw in finding love, just like Paula Abdul is getting.

[Female First]

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1 Comment to “Halle Berry Finds All The Wrong Men”

  1. Posted by Akira Moritani on February 28, 2006 @ 9:44 am

    I do not believe that Halle Berry is in love with Gabriel Aubry. These comments are all Gabriel-centred. Halle Berry has refused to comment. Is this not odd for a person, who has always been open about wanting to have a baby and has always been open about her previous relationships? I think that she has been friendly with Gabriel, but not too friendly because there is another serious man in her life. This man will soon emerge and he will be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig has had his one offering.

    Akira Moritani

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