Brad Pitt Wants To Be A Brokeback Mountain Guy
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Posted by George on February 1st, 2006
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Stunning Hollywood star Brad Pitt wants to cash in on all the success of the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain with his very own gay movie. A source told The Sun:

Brad has asked his people to find him a script to play a gay man. He wants it to be a story that appeals to both men and women and he wants it to be the edgiest work he’s done.

He’s seen the critical acclaim that Brokeback Mountain has won and he wants a piece of it. Brad knows it would be seen as shocking to take on a gay role because he’s seen as such a heart-throb.

But he has never shied away from taking on controversial films, and he has often chosen to do smaller, more challenging movies, rather than go for the big box-office smash.

By the time Brad’s gay movie comes out, it would be a little too late to cash in on this gay phenomenon unless Hollywood has finally came out of the closet. Maybe this gay fascination was bought on by lover Angelina Jolie’s history with lesbian lover Jenny Shimizu.

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