George Clooney Unable To Drink
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Posted by George on January 24th, 2006
George Clooney
George Clooney

Hollywood actor George Clooney not able to drink as freely as you did in the past. Clooney has to cut back on his drinking due to the injury he suffer while filming the movie Syriana.

He has not fully recover from the injury from last year and still undergoing regular blood transfusions. Clooney says the following about all this:

They take blood out of my arm and inject it into my spine. It’s a slow, ongoing process, but it’s getting better. You can’t drink when you do it. You have to wait a couple of weeks. That’s cruel, man, that’s not cool for an Irishman.

Such a shame, an Irishman without a drink is just unimaginable.

[Female First]

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