Keira Knightley Bribed Guards
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Posted by George on January 22nd, 2006
Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley

The Golden Globe security guards are easier star struck. Actress Keira Knightley was able to bribe a couple security guards into letting her friends into one of the hottest Golden Globes party.

All it took to get her seven friends into the party was two tickets and two packets of crisps. Keira says the following about what happen:

What’s a girl to do? I gave the security guys my best smile and confessed that there were eight of us and only two tickets. They said to me, ‘What else you got?’ and I said, ‘Well, we’ve got two packets of crisps,’ and they said, ‘OK, that’ll do.’ So we wafted into the poshest party of the night with two packets of ready salted.

[Female First]

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