Kate Moss Gonna Talk To Police
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Posted by George on January 22nd, 2006
Kate Moss
Kate Moss is Back

Supermodel Kate Moss will be talking to the police in London real soon. Lawyers for Kate are currently making arrangements with the police to have her come back for an interview about the incident where the whole world saw the video of her doing five lines of cocaine.

The announcement of arrangements for the mother-of-one to be questioned by Metropolitan police officers was made by her London model agency, Storm, following discussions between lawyers and the police over the last fortnight.

A spokesman for the model said: “Kate has made it absolutely clear all along that she will co-operate with any police investigation when the necessary arrangements can be made.”

The spokesman declined to say where the meeting would take place, or when, but said details were being worked out between her lawyers and police.

[Ireland Online]

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