Meg Ryan Loves Chinese
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Posted by George on January 20th, 2006
Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan adopts

Add another Hollywood star to the adopting parent list. Mag Ryan is set to adopt a Chinese baby girl. Meg had been trying to adopt for months now and was finally approved by the Chinese government late last year. I guess even stars have to wait in line to adopt just like the rest of the non famous people.

An insider to the situation tells OK magazine:

The consulate will formalise the adoption and grant Meg’s new daughter a visa and a social security number. They will probably be flying back to the US immediately after the process is complete.

Meg already has a teenage son with ex-husband Dennis Quaid. And with this new adopted baby on the way you better bet the teenage son will come second. I can see it now, the teenager plots to get back on top with mother Meg.

Seem like its the latest fad to adopt a foreign child.


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