Kate Moss New Boyfriend Is Approved
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Posted by George on January 5th, 2006
Kate Moss
Kate Moss

Kate Moss’s new boyfriend Jamie Burke gets the thumbs up from Kate’s mom. Kate’s mom Linda Moss met the new boyfriend in Aspen and is so happy that Kate Moss dump Pete Doherty, who she despise and blame for Kate’s problem. Linda’s friend says the following:

The 11-year age gap doesn’t bother her at all. Linda was delighted when Kate dumped Pete. She thought he was a totally unsuitable boyfriend for her and blamed him for her problems. Linda met Jamie in Aspen and has given the romance her blessing. She thinks he is very sweet. It was a bit of a family get-together really. Kate’s three-year-old daughter Lila Grace was there too.

Somewhere in a drunken drugged out haze Pete still denying he is to blame for the breakup.

[The Sun]

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