Barbie Beats Angelina Jolie
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Posted by George on January 3rd, 2006

According to MSN Search, Barbie the doll beats Angelina Jolie as the most search “babe” in cyberspace.Barbie

  1. EastEnders
  2. Big Brother
  3. Barbie
  4. Angelina Jolie
  5. Britney Spears
  6. Star Wars
  7. Sudoku
  8. Liverpool FC
  9. Michael Jackson
  10. Cricket
  11. Harry Potter
  12. X Factor
  13. Where is Amarillo?
  14. Celebrity Love Island
  15. Crazy Frog
  16. Lost
  17. Charlotte Church
  18. Katie Price Jordan
  19. Jessica Simpson
  20. Paris Hilton.

[] Image from Mattel

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