Beverly Peele Stealing Identities
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Posted by George on January 1st, 2006

Beverly PeeleModel Beverly Peele has been charged with identity theft for allegedly buying $10,000 worth of household appliances with other people’s credit cards.

Peele allegedly found a wallet in a shopping cart and returned it to its owner, who later received billings on her credit card statement for items she did not purchase, sheriff’s Detective John Howard told The Signal newspaper.

Howard told The Signal another victim also received similar billings after he used his credit card at John Robert Powers modeling agency, where Peele works.

Although the items ordered with the credit cards were placed in the victims’ names, they were delivered to Peele’s home address, giving investigators a clear paper trail to follow, Howard told The Signal.

You can tell this model isn’t a very bright criminal. Even I know paper trail is going to catch up one day.

Beverly Peele

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