Kevin Federline’s Site Goes Live
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Posted by George on December 24th, 2005

Kevin Federline's SiteBritney Spears husband Kevin Federline has gone live in cyberspace. Looks like he’s getting ready to drop his tracks. He even has a MySpace page. And if you don’t know who he is he even tells you who he is.

Hey Everyone,

I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced. My name is Kevin Federline. I’m 6 feet tall, have brown hair and brown eyes. I enjoy horseback riding, long walks on the beach and the wind whipping through my hair. Ha ha ha. On a more serious note, there’s going to be a lot more information and updates on here in the coming weeks and I think this will provide you with the opportunity to get to know who I really am. Anyway, thanks for checking out my site and be sure to come back often. You can click here to join my email list and also check me out on MySpace.


I bet he enjoy those rides with the horses.

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