Wafah Dufour Does GQ
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Posted by George on December 23rd, 2005

You may know the dreaded Osama bin Laden, but did you know his niece Wafah Dufour? Well if you don’t, you will now. Here are some shots of her on GQ. I wonder what Uncle Laden will have to say?Wafah DufourAll this skin just to prove a point to the world that she’s not associated with the most hated man in the world. If she really wanted to prove a point she would have spread out on the cover of Playboy. At any rate, I must say she looks kinda good.Wafah DufourWafah Dufour

Want to see more, she will be in the January 2006 issue of GQ magazine.

[BBC] Pic by Jeff Riedel

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