Ozzy Osbourne Calls Pete Doherty A Junkie
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Posted by George on December 15th, 2005

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne speaks out about Kate Moss’s ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty. Ozzy says Pete wasted his life on drugs. Ozzy says:

I get angry seeing this little fucking junkie, Pete Doherty. Doesn’t he realise that if he carries on he’s gonna die?

Ozzy should know, he also battled his own drug and alcohol problem. So when a former druggie calls you a junkie, you have to listen.

Ozzy also talks about his his wild rock star days with groupies. He reveals he would never sleep with another groupie ever again. Ozzy adds:

When the thought of sex finally filtered through the haze of booze, all the good-looking groupies had gone home. You’d wake up and there’d be this thing lying there looking like something Picasso had painted on a bad day. I still get offers now but I’m not interested. Sharon gets propositioned more than I do.

Sharon Osbourne gets more proposition because she a lot better looking.

[Female First]

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