Paris Hilton Maybe Bulimic
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Posted by George on December 8th, 2005
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

The Simple Life star Paris Hilton doesn’t need to exercise to get have the body shape she has now. According to Australian magazine NW, Paris has been suffering from bulimia for quite some time now. One of Paris’s friend told the magazine:

We think she’s had a longstanding battle with the disease and she’s been able to keep it pretty well hidden for years. But she’s stepped it up recently. All the typical symptoms are there – dramatically fluctuating weight, frequent trips to the toilet after meals and a love/hate relationship with food.

These are some friends, I wonder what her enemies would be saying. Her friends are also saying that Paris is starting to look like pre-rehab Mary-Kate Olsen. The friends also reveal that Paris’s parents are desperate to get her into a clinic.

I say Paris is just stress out from all that is happening to her this year, daily parties, juggling multiple boyfriends, losing BFF Nicole Richie and Baby Luv, and constant promotional events.

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