Pete Doherty Shock At Kate Moss
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Posted by George on December 2nd, 2005

Pete DohertyBabyshambles rocker Pete Doherty was shock and amazed that ex girlfriend Kate Moss was able to quit cocaine with her huge cocaine addiction.

Pete wasn’t able to do want Kate was able to do, he was arrested for possession of crack-cocaine a few days after dropping out of rehab. Pete’s got the diarrhea of the mouth after being dump, he told The Sun:

With the amount of coke Kate was taking, it’s amazing she made it through rehab. I was bored senseless. It was like a prison.

Everyone believes she went in there to beat her cocaine addiction. That’s wrong. She did it to save her career. She is terrified of her will power failing.

Looks like Pete may have to go to a real prison instead of a rehab center if he is convicted of these latest charges. Like we all didn’t know Kate rehab was all about the career.

[Monster and Critics]

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