Paris Boyfriend Fight
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Posted by George on November 26th, 2005

Paris HiltonIt’s reported that the Simple Life Paris Hilton’s ex and current boyfriend were involved in a fight of words. It all took place after the American Music Awards at the nightclub Privilege for the Musicians Rock the Soul party.

It’s reported that Paris Latsis started the fight of words by spewing off words at Stavros Niarchos III, who he suspected was romancing Paris while they was still engaged.

Paris finally drag Stavros away according to reports. Follow by another report that says drunk-looking Stavros try to make his way straight to the bathroom but wasn’t able to reach the toilet. So you guess it, all the projectile vomit landed all over the bathroom area. I wonder if they cleaned up the mess?

But once again the spin-master PR Elliot Mintz deny the whole thing.

I was with them all night, and I saw no evidence of that.

Stavros has a friend who looks just like him maybe it was him.

Again the blame is on the friend that looked like him. Wasn’t this friend also blamed for the $100,000 damage to the Hard Rock and wasn’t Kelly Osbourne calling Paris a liar for saying its not him. And didn’t Stavros try to bribe Kelly with a car?

Maybe they need to get themselves to speed with the book The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

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