Jordan Bratman Packing Heat
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Posted by George on November 23rd, 2005

Guests at Friday’s rehearsal dinner nearly choked on their sushi when Bratman raised his glass and thanked his parents for “my good looks and large [bleep].”

Jordan’s brother and best man, Josh, and his father, Jack, both stood up and proudly corroborated the groom’s endowment. Another bride might have wished that her future in-laws would speak a little less and hold their peace. But, whenever the subject of Jordan’s manhood arose, “Christina would just smile and nod,” a spy tells us.

So its official we all know why Christina Aguilera married Jordan Bratman. There must have been a reason and this is it. You can see the photo scan of the wedding from OK magazine here. And pick your copy for more picture to satisfy yourself.

[Daily Dish]

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