Tommy Lee Bad Tipper
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Posted by George on November 21st, 2005

Tommy LeeMotley Crue drummer Tommy Lee a bad tipper. Well it all depends on how you look at it. To some it maybe good to others its downright shitty. And apparently to this waitress, its bad. According to the Lowdown

Tommy and his posse failed to leave a single penny for any of the lovely ladies who served him free drinks while he was deejaying at nightclub Avalon the other night.

If that was bad enough one of the roadie try to tip the waitress in another way

the roadie invited her back to the boss’ car with the promise of a gratuity and a funny cigarette

More like a funny cigar.

“She was like, um, ‘No!'” says the spy. “So he said, ‘I will go get the tip for you.’ Of course, he never returned.”

An you thought rock stars can get any girl, apparently they can’t when it comes to money. Currently Tommy haven’t been added to the STD (Shitty Tipper Database) list


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