Russell Crowe Guilty In Telephone Assault
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Posted by George on November 18th, 2005

Russell CroweRussell Crowe has pleaded guilty to a third-degree assault charge today for throwing a telephone at a hotel concierge. The sentence Crowe received was a conditional discharge, meaning he needs to stay out of trouble for one year. Crowe settled a civil lawsuit with Nestor Estrada in August by paying him off with about $100,000 in hush money.

He could have faced up to one year in jail on the reduced charges. Crowe originally was charged with a felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon — the phone — and could have faced up to seven years in jail if convicted.

It must be good to be famous, being able to assault someone with a deadly phone and not go to jail. If it was you and I who did that we will be sent up the river to Sing Sing. I guess the judge didn’t want crazy Crowe to come at her with his cell phone.

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