Tommy Lee Picks Sky Diving Over Sex
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Posted by George on November 17th, 2005

Tommy LeeThe Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee would rather jump out of a perfectly good plan than to have sex with women. Apparently these days Tommy gets all his high from music and sky diving instead of the sack with groupies.

This love of extreme sports comes even after a near death experience sky diving. Tommy reports what happened,

I did a tandem jump and was strapped to the instructor. We had a 12 second freefall and then all of a sudden the guy pulls the shoot and says, ‘shit, we’ve got line snag.’

He added to Britain’s Radio 1: ‘The parachute wouldn’t open and we’re falling to earth and I’m like ‘Oh my God’. Then I reached a point of complete calm and was thinking: ‘Okay, this is how I’m going out. It’ll be in the papers tomorrow. Then the chute opened and I was like, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’.

‘That was better than sex.’

Tommy is a better man than I am, and that all I am going to say.

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