Star Jones Wants More Free Stuff
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Posted by George on November 15th, 2005

Star JonesThe queen of all handout is up to more handouts again. For Star Jones one year anniversary she wanted some free high quality pampering fit for a queen such as herself at the Cornelia Day Spa. In exchange for this day of pampering the spa would get some coverage in the upcoming OK! magazine article about Al Gay Reynolds and Jones and how they spent their one year anniversary.

This isn’t the first time this handout diva wanted things for free. Her wedding was a sponsored by company willing to give free stuff. Each invitation has a advertising message on them. Next up for this freebie diva is when she’s pregnant with child. The naming rights will be up for auction at eBay. Expect another round of freebie begging for diapers, formula, toys, etc. when the time comes.

Rich people asking for handouts, now that just really piss me off. I bet she’s all about give me this, give me that, and never give to anything. I guess why pay for something when you can get it for nothing.


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