The Unknown Cell Phone Bank Robber
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Posted by George on November 13th, 2005

Cell Phone Robber

No one noticed her when she was robbing banks. Now, millions have seen her on surveillance videotape, calmly talking on her cell phone during one of the holdups.

Still, no one can say who she is.

The young woman who calmly held up four Northern Virginia banks in recent weeks — without ever putting down her phone — remained at large yesterday despite remarkably clear photos of her in robbery action that were broadcast on television and published in newspapers across the country.

Theories abounded yesterday as to who she is, where she might be and why she does it with a phone stuck to her ear. Is she a master of disguise? Is she merely there to rob and then leave — a tourist bandit? Is she under someone else’s control? Is she hypnotized?

I say she is under a big threat that if she doesn’t rob the banks her love ones will be killed. But first she is in a disguise that will prevent people from identifying her so she can rob more banks for the mastermind behind this. If no one can find this woman I bet there will be a Halloween costume mask of her.


The cell phone robber has been revealed as 19 year old Candice Martinez.

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