Paris Hilton Prank Caller
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Posted by George on November 10th, 2005

According to reports, Nicole Richie has told a friend that Paris Hilton is a crank calling her.

Nicole has been getting phony phone calls very late at night, practically every night, and she suspects the culprit is her ex-best friend,” reports the forthcoming issue of In Touch Weekly. “Nicole doesn’t have proof, but she’s almost sure it’s Paris,” a friend told the mag.

I’m sorry but this can’t be true at all. Paris is way too busy with her own problems to have time to even play pranks on someone she doesn’t even like anymore. We all know Paris been busy with getting her car to the auto body shop to get it repair, crying over her lost video camera, and reliving her childhood as a child who was bullied. And less not forget the whole scandal involving the king of Girls Gone Wild Joe Francis.

[The Scoop]

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