Nicky Hilton Piss Off Paris Hilton
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Posted by George on November 2nd, 2005

It was soon to happen, Paris Hilton is piss that little sister Nicky Hilton is going to ex best friend Nicole Richie’s wedding to DJ Adam Goldstein. Nicky isn’t just going to the wedding but she is part of the bridal party. Nicky told Hello magazine that shes got some organising to do and that she doesn’t know where to start because she’s never been to a bachelorette party before.

It’s reported that Nicky still likes Nicole and doesn’t want to be involve with her sister’s feud with Nicole. Talk about sisterly love, more like “What bitch, I’m going and that’s that.” All this drama cause Richie played the infamous night vision sex tape at a party. Didn’t Paris know it was the tape that really got her so famous.

Maybe this whole Nicky going to the wedding is a hoax and at the last minute either she doesn’t show or Paris comes and stops the wedding.

[Monsters and Critics]

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