Paris Hilton Loses Count
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Posted by George on October 26th, 2005

It must be hard for Paris Hilton to remember who she bangs due to the fact that she does so many people. Or is it selective memory, only remembering the ones she wants people to know. Too bad for Tom Sizemore, he just got put on the C-list of Paris’s rump list. I knew she did that guy because she learned a lesson to not sue the person who says it when she knows it’s true.

I wonder who else she humped and is not telling. And will there be a movie that’s going to come out call “Paris 500.” The PR guys must be getting extra to work for this rump machine. Maybe she would benefit from a book to this bookcover. Quick someone write this book for Paris to read, make that a audio book for the girl on the go.

I propose we get her a pen and a notebook so she can write down her conquests so she won’t make the same mistake she did with Sizemore. We just don’t like seeing a girl losing count.

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