NBA Gets Formal
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Posted by George on October 18th, 2005

The NBA is about to implement a whole new dress code for the players.

The league announced in a memo to teams on Monday that a minimum dress code will go into effect at the start of the regular season on Nov. 1.

Players will be expected to wear business casual attire whenever they participate in team or league activities, including arriving at games, leaving games and making promotional or other appearances.

Players are no longer allow to wear the following:

  • Sleeveless shirts
    So players don’t look poor with the millions they make.
  • Shorts
    What if it’s hot out?
  • T-shirts
    Again what if it’s hot out?
  • Chains, pendants, or medallions worn over the player’s clothes
    I agree, I don’t need to see the blings they have.
  • Sunglasses while indoors
    So people don’t think the players are crazy.
  • Headphones (other than on the team bus or plane, or in the team locker room)
    I guess iPod didn’t pay the NBA.
  • Jerseys and baseball caps will no longer be acceptable attire for post-game press conference
    Players start to wear embroider sports coat with ads on it.

I still can’t see why they can’t be in the teams jersey and cap when they are talking to the press after the game. Next thing you know players will have to be in a suit and tie when they play a game.

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