Week In Review: Paris Earns Her Ring
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Posted by George on October 16th, 2005

Whats a update with out Paris Hilton in the news, Paris gets to keep her engagement ring from the other Paris for service render. All she can say is she earned it, but doesn’t know that Paris Latis was dissing her. She finds out her Simple life gets cancel and then its back again. Paris is so hot that the paparazzi are fight over her after she leaves a club, hopefully she doesn’t take smokes from strangers.

Britney Spears decided to take back the the bra she was going to auction on eBay to benefit the victims of Katrina. She also decided that she wants all her fan to have their very own plastic Britney.

Jude Law dumps Sienna Miller because he can’t take being cheated on with best friend Daniel Craig, who happens to also be the next James Bond. In other celebrity news Nick and Jessica’s marriage is bought back to life like bringing back a dead battery back to life.

Whats a new week without a new Apple product release. Drum roll please, Apple video iPod is coming. The iPod video is so hot the Hollywood people want a piece of it. i say why have a 2″ tv screen when you can have a 102″ super screen.

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