Abstinence Goes Ivy League
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Posted by George on October 16th, 2005

There’s a new club in town and that club is an abstinence club. You got to blame the success of the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin for causing all this talk about not having sex. I guess this is a good thing on college campus given that so many students get drunk and wake up and not know why there’s a stranger in the bed. College with no getting drunk and hooking with random people…say it isn’t so. Oh wait you can do that after college.

People who want to take part in the society’s activities don’t have to sign a pledge or take an oath.

Some members may have had sex in the past, and leaders say the group is open to everyone, even those who may just be interested in exploring the idea of chastity intellectually.

One of the main reasons the group was created was to let students who don’t want to have premarital sex know they’re not alone, organizers said. They knew beforehand that sex would be part of college life, but many were surprised at how prevalent it is.

Members emphasize that they’re not anti-sex. They fully intend to have sex but only with the right person and after they are married. And for the record, they date, and some even have boyfriends and girlfriends.


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