Another Reason Not To Smoke
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Posted by George on October 14th, 2005

A new reason for all you ladies out there to stop smoking, the date rape cigarette. For all you ladies out there, the next time a guy offer you a smoke think if you want to sleep with the guy first. If you do, take the cancer stick, if not go to the next guy.

Expect to see homemade roofie sticks in your neighborhood club.

Called a ‘Fry Cigarette’, it is soaked in embalming fluid which contains formaldehyde. When smoked, the victim loses all sense of orientation, judgement, and for a while, memory of the event.

The woman met a man in a bar. He offered her a cigarette, which she smoked. Six days later she attended a Renton rape clinic in Kent when memories of the event came back to her. Staff at the clinic believe she was the victim of a fry cigarette. They said that from the information they were able to retrieve from the victim they believe that what initiated the sexual assault was the cigarette.

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