New Orleans Officer Beats Old Man
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Posted by George on October 10th, 2005

New Orleans Officers Beat 64-year old ManThe Justice Department has opened up an investigation three New Orleans police officer in the videotaped beating of a 64-year-old man. The victim who received the beat was black and the three officer that are being investigated are white. Can this beating be related to racial motives? This isn’t the only time New Orleans finest are having problems since Hurricane Katrina, some officers simply walked off the job while others are accused of looting.

I say the officers are just tired and took their frustrations on this poor 64-year-old man. Most of these officers just can’t handle the stress that they have been put in to. Anyway the investigation I think will either clear these officers or force them to retire without any type of charges. The only time you will see any kind of charges is when the public fuss over it and the fear of a riot. You can go to over to Crooks and Liars to see the video.

An Associated Press photographer captured video of the incident, which took place at 9 p.m. outside a bar in the French Quarter.

The video showed two police officers apparently trying to arrest Davis. Another officer on horseback maneuvered his horse, partially blocking the photographer’s view.

But the photographer managed to get more footage, in which the officers appear to punch Davis — including several blows to the head. His head also appeared to hit a wall.

Later in the video, four men — two clearly uniformed police — pushed Davis to the ground, placed him in a headlock and apparently tried to handcuff him. One can be seen hitting Davis two more times.

The video also showed the officer who identified himself as S.M. Smith pushing an AP television news producer on the scene and leaning him backward against a car, pointing a finger in his face.

In a profanity-laden tirade, the officer said, “I’ve been here for six weeks trying to keep myself alive. … Go home.”


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