Escape From Alcatraz
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Posted by George on October 8th, 2005

A 9-year-old boy will raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina by swimming from Alcatraz island to the San Francisco shoreline. Looks like he is also challenging the recent record that was set by a a 10-year-old girl. This is amazing and hopefully there are no sharks in the water when he swims. I can see the news now “Boy attacked by shark, punch shark, and finish the swim.” Mybe it will be better to swim in a cage to avoid the shark infested water. Good luck to Johnny.

Johnny said he is raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims and has already drummed up $30,000 in donations.
Just after sunrise, Johnny will take a boat out to the infamous prison island, jump off at low tide and swim back in a trip he estimates will take about an hour.

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