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Posted by George on September 30th, 2005

If you love video game why not go to school and get a degree in it. Apparently there are a few colleges where you can do just that, go to school and play video games. Carnegie Mellon University and the Georgia Institute of Technology both offer master’s degrees in game development.

The Entertainment Software Association, an industry trade group, puts the number of colleges and schools offering some sort of gaming-related coursework at over 50.

All I can say is these school are just inventing degrees to get the students to enroll in their school and steal their money make off with the students tuition money for a degree that people in the industry don’t even know about. I guess this major can be good considering there’s already Film Major and the video game industry is making more money then the Film industry. Forget what I say earlier, go out and get your video game degree and make the next Grand Theft Auto.

The idea of a video game education is so new that, even within the gaming industry, the jury is still out on whether these degrees are worth the sheepskin they’re printed on.

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