$100 Laptops
Posted by George on September 29th, 2005

Sub $100 LaptopsSub $100 laptops are coming to a 3rd world country near you. The prototype for this machine will be showcase in November at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunisia. This laptop will feature a hand crank so there will be no need for electrical outlets. Imagine cranking the laptop for five minutes and be able to use the machine for 30 minutes. Having a major sponsor like Google doesn’t hurt either. So I can see this sub $100 laptop to be the wave of the future. With this laptop you don’t need to pay any electricity to run it and surf internet for free using the soon to be Google Wi-Fi network. With Google in the picture you can bet this machine can do a lot more like, they should just call this baby the “Gtop” or “Google Top.”

The laptops will be encased in rubber to make them more durable, and their AC adaptors will also act as carrying straps.

The Linux-based machines are expected to have a 500MHz processor, with flash memory instead of a hard drive which has more delicate moving parts.

They will have four USB ports, and will be able to connect to the net through wi-fi – wireless net technology – and will be able to share data easily.

It will also have a dual-mode display so that it can still be used in varying light conditions outside. It will be a colour display, but users will be able to switch easily to monochrome mode so that it can be viewed in bright sunlight, at four times normal resolution.

When Professor Negroponte saw the benefits of donated notebook PCs that Cambodian children could carry around with them, he immediately set about planning the sub-$100 machines.

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(2) Comments to “$100 Laptops”

  1. Posted by Begonia Buzzkill on October 8, 2005 @ 3:52 pm


    …”Computer manufacturers appear to be cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security to make every person who buys a new computer subject to immediate, unrestricted government recording of everything they do on those computers! EVERYTHING! ….”


    Keylog hardware is installed in new computers and all info being sent to Homeland Security

    IT annouces $100 laptops (and yes, we all know about the military funded labs of MIT)

    ……San Francisco is trying to do free wireless access to all the boys and girls AND the above

    ………….(free) hardware installed for the Big Brother’s in DC………………..it all just starts connecting up to the “master plan” of ultra spying the public in general.

    I would think making sure everyone is online would make is so much easier for this White House regime to find the dissenters!

    Beware of strangers bearing gifts!

  2. Posted by George on October 8, 2005 @ 8:28 pm

    Thats the price to pay for a cheap laptop. I bet there are probably software out there thats already doing this but they are not telling.

    Thanks for visiting.

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