Tom DeLay Indicted
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Posted by George on September 28th, 2005

Wow!! Tom DeLay has been indicted for conspiracy by the Grand Jury in Texas. President George Bush just can’t get a break these day. Bush got the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Rita to deal with, the situation in Iraqi, Senate Republican leader Bill Frist’s insider trading to deal with, and now he has to deal with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay being indicted. We also know who George Bush hates already. What other events will mark the final chapter in George Bush’s Presidency?

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was hit today with a felony conspiracy indictment for his alleged involvement in a Texas campaign finance scheme. The powerful Republican congressman was named, along with two political associates, in an indictment handed up by a Travis County grand jury. See the copy of the indictment here.

Update 10/03/05
Second indictment for Tom DeLay, this time its for money laundering. I feel the Republican Party will suffer this coming mid-term election if they keep this guy in office. I didn’t even know there was a second grand jury investigation. I say give him the boot. In the corporate world if this happens, your out of a job, there’s no differences here.

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