Lights Out for New York City
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Posted by George on September 22nd, 2005

The city that never sleeps will be a little darker this fall and spring. Lights for the buildings will be turned off at midnight for buildings above the 40th floor. All this to help the migrating birds that fly pass New York City.

Since 1997, more than 4,000 migratory birds have been killed or injured from colliding into skyscrapers, bird experts said.

One building group leader said he expected 100 percent compliance, and another said he expected around 95 percent of its members to participate.

So I guess there will be no more burning the midnight oil at work anymore. This can be good, no more having to stay at work past midnight to get a project finish. This can also be bad, now you will have to bring the work home and work at home. I wonder if residential building that’s over 40 floors also applies. Hopefully this light thing only applies to the exterior lights and not the interior.

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