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Posted by George on September 16th, 2005

Google Map LogoDo the Google Map mashup. Seems like there’s a Google map mashup for all sort of things. There was the housing map which was the first to use Google Map integrated with Craigslist. For the Hot or Not crowd there is the Hot People by Zip Code, which I think contains some not so hot people. Some other maps out there are weather, Chicago crime map, and there’s even a map for traffic. You you are looking to buy a car from eBay motors you can even find the car with a mashup with the eBay Motors & Google Map. There is even a whole directory devoted to Google Map and Mashup and a blog devoted to Google Maps which is very cool.

Now only if there was a good tutorial on how to create your own Google Map mashup because I have an idea for one but haven’t figure how to make one yet. This mashup is the next hot thing since plain old Google Map. I think Google Map is the better map to use compare to the Yahoo one, the only reason is that Yahoo require you to host it on the Yahoo server. This is good if you don’t want to pay for the bandwidth when your map becomes popular but bad because you don’t get any kind of traffic or page views from your work.

I can see with so much popularity of the map mashup out there and that there are so many maps in development that ads will be place on the maps eventually. The term to use the Google api even states that they reserve the right to place advertisement on your mashup map in the future.

Link: business2blog and Business 2.0

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