SimplyFired September Contest
Posted by George on September 14th, 2005

SimplyFired LogoThe August contest at SimplyFired came and went real fast. The winner of the Apprentice cruise thats taking place in about two weeks is James Garrison. Happy sailing to the Caribbean James.

James won with a pizza entry, here is a snippet of the winning fired story:

I had been working for a mortgage company as a developer for 18 months and things were going well. Then, one day I saw that a different group in my company had just finished up a pot-luck and had some pizza left over. I thought they would probably end up throwing it away and I was kind of hungry so I went for it … I took a slice of pizza.

The September contest seem to have some changes, one of the change that I notice was that the entries that are eligible to win can now have more words in it, its at 500 words now. I notice most of the August entries surpass the 200 words limit and I assume that’s why they were not consider in the contest. You have until 11:59:59 p.m. PST on September 30, 2005, which means people on the East Coast will have until 2:59a.m. on Oct. 1 .

The prizes aren’t as good as the August grand prize of a Caribbean cruise, but its still worth it. The prizes are one Motorola ROKR E1 cellphone with iTunes for the grand prize winner, 4 Apple iPod Shuffle MP3 player for the runner-up, and 5 “Simply Fired” T-shirts for the next 5 winners or in this case LOSERS.

I would have like to see the new Apple iPod Nano as the runner-up prize instead of the Shuffle, but I’m not the one giving it out and I think the contest was setup before the Nano was announced.

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