Dr. Kai-Fu Lee Allow to Work
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Posted by George on September 13th, 2005

GoogleThe controvisial hiring of Dr. Kai-Fu Lee by Google from Microsoft has been allow to work.

But after listening to evidence at a two-day hearing last week and reviewing various documents and court briefs, the judge decided today in his ruling on Microsoft’s request for a preliminary injunction to allow Dr. Lee to work on a much broader range of things for Google. There are some restrictions, but the ruling basically allows Dr. Lee to do what we’ve wanted him to be able to do. The judge said that Microsoft had “not sufficiently shown that it has a clear legal or equitable right to enjoin Dr. Lee, pending trial, from Establishing and Staffing a Google Development Facility Center.” A trial is still set for January to get a final decision.

Looks like being a monopoly doesn’t help your case with another potential monopoly thats not yet a disliked monopoly.

If you can read Chinese you might want to go visit Dr. Kai-Fu Lee web page.

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