Human Meat Alternative
Posted by George on September 7th, 2005

Human Meat AlternativeHave you wonder what human meat taste like, well wonder no more. You can buy your very own tofu that taste like human meat. You can buy these human tasting tofu which are call Hufu for just $14.98.

There are a total of four recipes that you can try, which are Hufu Stoganoff, Lechter’s Liver with Fava Beans, Serano Nanito, anf Leningrad Pirogies with Hufu.

To bad they are on back order or I would have placed an order to see what it taste like. I wonder if you can make jerky out of this tofu? Yum, human jerky.

Other products thats coming soon are Hufu Healthy Hearts and Hufu Doctor Lecter’s Liver.

Link via Strange New Products

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  1. Posted by Christopher on January 20, 2008 @ 7:37 pm

    As a vegetarian I love the idea of eating HUFU!!!!! I want some!!!!! Cananyone tell me where I can get it?

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