Whats Google Cooking Up?
Posted by George on August 22nd, 2005

Google will be announcing something this Wednesday. What will it be? Will it be some kind of instant messenger program, a portable email system like a BlackBerry, or something along the lines of a smart cell phone like the T-Mobile Sidekick? I think it will be some kind of instant messenger. I either case

Google executives say they plan to unveil on Wednesday a “communications tool” that is potentially a clear step beyond the company’s search-related business focus.

The Sidekick was an early favorite of both Mr. Page and Mr. Brin, who wore the units on their belts as all-purpose voice and data communicators several years ago.

A Google-branded smart phone has long been a pet project of Mr. Page, and earlier this year Google invested $2 million in a project by Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the M.I.T. Media Laboratory, to develop a $100 wireless laptop. The smart-phone idea, which the company has not talked about publicly, would be a way to extend Google’s reach and give it a more extensive connection with its users by offering Google on a multipurpose mobile device.

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(2) Comments to “Whats Google Cooking Up?”

  1. Posted by charlie on October 14, 2005 @ 1:49 pm

    great idea

    what really cooken at gooogy.

    ineed some brain food these guys are good.

    i’ll bet they don’t eat at lot meat loof.

  2. Posted by George on October 14, 2005 @ 4:05 pm

    Google got some real good food for their employees. 5 stars all the way for their workers.

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