Two more potential father of Anna Nicole’s baby
Posted by Staff on October 8th, 2006
Anna Nicole Smith
Who’s the real father?

Two more guys are claiming to be the true father of Anna Nicole’s baby daughter. This is turning into a game of who’s sperms really made it up Anna’s love canal.

As the paternity battle rages between Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead for the title of Anna Nicole’s “real” baby daddy, is reporting that two more men have surfaced, each claiming that they are the true sire. In addition, the website also claims another man says he was asked to father the baby, although it’s unclear if he actually went through with that, er, “plan.”

With so many people claiming to be the father, I might as well also put my name in the basket. Who are we kidding, I wouldn’t have gotten that drunk to get those super beer goggles to trick me into donating some solider into that foxhole.

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